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QUARC Targets - Generating Code for Various Target Platforms

QUARC supports a variety of "targets". A "target" is a combination of operating system and processor for which QUARC can generate code from a Simulink diagram. The Specific Targets shows a list of all QUARC supported targets. The number of targets supported by QUARC is continually increasing, so check the QUARC website for the latest information about supported targets.

To begin using one of these targets, QUARC needs two critical pieces of information:

System Target Files

The type of target is identified by the system target file. The system target file is a special file used by Simulink Coder to control the process of generating real-time code. QUARC supplies a system target file for each of the supported targets.

Universal Resource Identifiers

The communication protocol and associated address is identified by a Universal Resource Identifier or URI. A URI is similar to the URLs that are familiar to users of the World Wide Web, such as However, in QUARC, URIs do not identify a web page. Instead, they identify the location of a target system or model and the communication protocol that is used to communicate with it. For example, the URI tcpip://mytargetbox:18000 indicates that the TCP/IP protocol should be used to talk to a server running on host "mytargetbox" and listening on port 18000.

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